• ISP Billing & CRM

    Inetradius Billing and CRM, is an ideal solution for ISP, CRM and MSO & Cable Operator Subscriber Managment Software. The solution is reliable and trusted with proven deployments across multiple business models. It enables service providers to effectively provision, rate, accurately bill and engage in customer care. The solution has been successfully installed at operators of all sizes, from few thousands to a few lakhs of subscribers.

    Secured and powerful solution for cable tv MSO and LCO's To manage CRM and billing.

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  • Network Monitering Software allows you to moniter networking system. you can moniter websites,devices with snmp enabled graphing system.

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  • Cloud Cable TV Solution

    Secured and powerful solution for cable tv MSO and LCO's To manage CRM and billing.

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About Us

Multiple Resellers

Inetradius allows ISP to create multiple resellers in single panel where reseller can login and they can manage their own Subscribers, Complaints, Enquiries, Packages, Reports, SMS, Email

ISP Billing & CRM

Inetradius providing easy billing system.easy invoice generation customized taxes.Integrated with all payment gateways to pay bills by subscriber from his user panel. Easy billing reports based on collection executives.

Subscriber Panel

Inetradius allows subscriber to login to his panel. Subscriber can manage his account information and billing information. subscriber can download invoices. subscriber can pay his monthly bills using online payment gateway. subscriber can renew his account from online.

Employee Panel

Inetradius allows broadband employees(Technicans,Collection Executives) to login to their panels. Employees can access list of complaints assigned to him. and complaints can resolve from his panel and assign to others. Employees can access all unpaid invoices assigned to him

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